Outreach and Internships


1. Undergraduates

Colin Lord, Biochemistry, University Research Assistantship, working on the role of StBEL genes in long-distance signaling to regulate root development

Chrissy Petzold working on the tethered function assay in the Coller lab.

2. Technical support

Carrie Kovalak is working as technician in the Coller lab to set up tethered function assays for PTB homologs and she is working on the poly(A) tail assays using the RNAs of potato.

3. Graduate students

Nathan Butler, PhD, plant biology, Iowa State University, working on proteins that interact with PTB (RNA-binding) proteins of potato

Tian Lin, PhD, plant biology, Iowa State University, working on verifying the transcriptional source and the long-distance transport of StBEL RNAs (other than StBEL5)

Carolina Grandellis, PhD, University of Buenos Aires, BA, Argentina, 4-month intern, investigating the role of calcium-dependent protein kinases in long-distance signaling in potato


4. Post-doctoral associates

Il Ho Kang, molecular biologist. Il Ho is investigating the role of PTB proteins in the metabolism of mobile RNAs of potato. He is also focusing on the establishment of quantitative RNA/protein binding assays.


Shweta Shah, protein biochemist. Shweta is directing the proteomic analyses and identification of putative RNA-binding proteins in response to photoperiod.