My Osprey... some construction photos...

Sorry about the grainy photos. (These pics were shot with a ratty little disposable rangefinder in the "Model-T" garage (shed) at our old house... )

Pygmy Osprey-HP. In addition to the photo at the top of the homepage, these are a couple of views of my Pygmy Osprey-HP "stich-n-glue" kayak (Pygmy website). Considering other tirals and tribulations in my complicated little existence, the project took me about a year and a half. Part of the delay in finishing the boat was due to the fact that I have an unheated garage and Iowa winters can be far too cold for successful epoxy work. This was a great first project and wonderful experience. The boat is a masterful design by John Lockwood of Pygmy Kayaks in Port Angeles, WA. Although I am now building other boats for my wife and friends, this is MY BOAT; I love to paddle it, ---why ...simply put: This little bugger really ROCKS! For a truely outstanding Osprey construction page that details every aspect of constructon, please see the Wayne's Osprey Standard site.

There are a few deviations from the stock kit. Foremost, I purchased a suspended backrest system and fashioned my own seat out of two long pads of 1.5-inch thick ensolite foam --very comfortable on a cold day. I also took the extra time to fashion mahogany deck fittings for the hatch covers and accessory tie-downs. These were attached with carbosil-thickened epoxy and a brass screw and washer in a pre-drilled hole from the bottom side. Another little change was internally filleting-out the bow and stern with old fiberglass house insulation soaked in resin. The resulting glass-filled epoxy allowed me to reinforce the bow and stern to the point where I could route some very stylish oversized mooring line slots --large enough for large nylon webbing straps or a loop of lockable steel cable.

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