My Osprey... more construction photos...

Sorry about the grainy photos. (These pics were shot with a ratty little disposable rangefinder in the "Model-T" garage (shed) at our old house... )

Fabricating the deck. At this point, the hull has been glassed, and with the help of a couple of temporary bulkheads, is used as a form on which to wire the deck pieces. The joints have been wired together and the joints "glued" with thickened-resin epoxy. Note the liberal use of wax paper on top of temporary forms or wherever the deck could become glued to the hull... we don't want that at this point!

Bow detail. Same point in construction as noted above.

Inside the boat! Looking forward from the cockpit. The form up toward the bow is a temporary bulkhead that is held in place with hot-melt glue and will later be removed. The large reinforced seam in the center of the boat is quite noticable at this point in the construction process. Later, in the finished kayak, it is much less visable. Note that the inside of the hull has not yet been glassed.

Let's Rock! Time to get it registered and hit the water. The finished weight is about 36-lbs. (By the way I'm giving you a thumbs up.) Actually, at this point you want to invite over a few friends, get out the martini-shaker, olives, etc., and toast your accomplishment!

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