Pygmy Osprey HP on Big Creek, Polk County, IA (Photo: Dr. Bruce Orman).

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This page started as a sample web page that I was required to mock up for a class on html programming. I like canoes and touring kayaks and have done some boat building. This page then became the project journal for the design and construction of a 16-foot 5-inch touring kayak (my second boat project). It was my intention to take you along on a start-to-finish strip-build construction project, and it looks like we accomplished the goal. I want to thank all of my friends that hung in there with me during the project and supported me with their encouragement. At the time of this update, the boat is finished and I am planning a canoe or guide-boat type of project. Also, I am plugging away at some long-overdue updates of the book sections of the website. If you really enjoy wooden boats and paddling, please check out the links listed below to the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, Wooden Boat Magazine, and the boat-building information and material suppliers.

Please take a moment to look over the book pages. This site contains several annotated bibliographies. They include: canoe- and kayak-related construction books, great aboriginal mythology, paddling, expedition, and adventure reading. Additionally, the links section will get you to many canoe and kayak organizations, historical sites, material suppliers, kit suppliers and interesting individual boat builders. If you are another builder or represent a company or organization that would like to be listed in the link directory, please e-mail me with the relevant information and I'll be happy to include your contact information.

---Have fun! ---D. J. Burden

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---Should you have any questions or constructive comments regarding this site, or should you wish to exchange canoe- and kayak-related links, I can be reached at I am very busy and frequently out of the office for periods of time; however, I will try to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Be sure to read the Disclaimer and Selecting a Project sections before attempting to build a boat based on any information presented on this site. Please, no commercial solicitations. ---Thanks!

Projects, Images, & Thoughts...

Boat building projects ---

Goblin hunter sea-kayak drawings

Das Boot! ---the strongback and station molds

Setting up the shear strips

Bow fillets and cheater strips (starting to strip the hull)

Stripping the chines and keel

Completing the hull strips

Glassing the hull

Stripping the deck

More deck work

Coaming final cut-out and construction

Inside glass and foam

Cheek plates (hip braces)

Cutting the hatches

Joing the halves, starting the coaming lip

The hatch-lip flanges

Hatch fittings and tape for the deck-hull seam

Outisde stems and fittings

Sanding and varnishing

On the water

Books --- boat building, history, adventure, myth and legend ---

Boat building, Canoe and Kayak books

Historic images of canoes and kayaks ---

Kayaks and baidarkas

At the dock


Of Interest ---

Vendors, Kits & Plans ---

Commercial boats ---