Cheek Plates

Cheek plates, aka. "hip braces" (page 1 of 1 page)

Cheek plates. This view is looking aft at the upturned underside of the deck. The cheek plates (hip braces) may be made from plywood, cedar strips, or a thin soft wood. One side of the plate is laminated with glass cloth and the entire part is impregnated with resin prior to installation.

Cheek plate detail. This view shows a fillet made from sanding-dust thickened resin that has been applied over a section of 3-inch glass tape. The cheek plate is taped in place by wrapping several wraps of adhesive tape through the cockpit opening, around the deck and over the top (bottom) edge of the plate. This sufficiently braces the plate to allow glassing the area shown in the photo. Ater the tape is removed and the epoxy is dry, the other side of the butt joint can be similarly reinforced or simply filleted to blend with the interior of the cockpit below the coaming. When the whole works is dry, the glass is trimmed and this area is sanded into the rest of the interior finish.

Cheek plate detail. This view shows the completed installation. The plate can be attached at the bottom, or left free to allow it some room to flex.



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