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Station molds
Spars and station-mold forms (page 1 of 2 pages)

Station molds... Well, since my last entry, the boat project has started. I cut the station forms from the drawings after enlarging them on a drawing program (a given percentage that gave me the width that I wanted for the boat) then printing them on a laser printer. I transferred them to the plywood by cutting around the lines with an razor knife, then tracing the margin onto the plywood with a marker. I built my construction stand (beam) out of scrap 1" and 3/4"-plywood, constructed the station form risers out of old plywood, pine and cedar boards, and a few 2" x 2" scraps for the bases of the risers. The first thing that I noticed, is that I really started to zip through getting the stations mounted on the beam. This haste got me my first look at the upside-down profile of the hull with the bow spar fitted---- aaaahhhh! A boat it shall be.

However, by being in a bit of a hurry, I noticed that most of my reference lines were off a smidge and that shear line had a slight hump in at around station #b7. This was not working as I had intended it too. So, I laid a straight edge on the very bottom (now the top) of the station molds and used it to align the bow spar. I then fitted station form #b9 into its groove in the bow spar and aligned itís bottom (deck line) with the deck line of the bow spar; then adjusted (lowered downward toward the beam) stations #b8 and #b7 slightly to get the shear to line to flow and the center-deck line to flow properly. When mounting the station form to the upright and the riser to the beam, I found that just using one drywall screw in each until everything was trued-up made the whole adjustment process a lot easier.

Bow view (remember, the boat is upside-down, the bottom of the forms are facing up). The bow spar is, in part, the two pieces of luan mahogany plywood, clamped together and fitted into station molds #9, #8, and #7.

Stern view. The stern spar (form) has not been fitted. (I'm still working on the spar at this point.)

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