Deck Construction

Finishing the deck... (page 2 of 2 pages)

Get the jig saw! With a little help from a fine-tooth laminate blade in my friend Porter Cable we got that new hole cut for the cockpit coaming.

The boat... The halves are sitting together. The margin of the deck still needs to be cleaned-up with an angle grinder or random-orbit sander, but other than that, we are well on the way to a finished boat. There is still plenty of (not too difficult) work to do. Next we will build the coaming. Then, it is on to glassing the insides of the deck and hull, add a little floatation foam to the bow and stern, attach the two halves, then finish-up with the outside stems. Hatches anyone? We will cut them after the inside of the deck has been glassed, but before we join the two halves.



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