Deck Construction

Finishing the deck... (page 1 of 2 pages)

Glassing the deck. Glassing the top half of the boat was pretty much like working on the hull. It started with shaping and sanding the wood, then adding a clear-coat of resin to harden the surface and make a good base for eventual gap-fillling with thickened resin. Everything went well up to this point, however, once I laid out the glass, and began to wet-out the weave, a serious probelm developed. About half-way through wetting out the cloth, the metered resin pump failed... PANIC!!!! Thanks to my wife jumping in to mix resin batches for me, I was able to continue applying resin... there was no turning back at this point... the deck would have been ruined. That also is why there are no photos of this aspect of construction... what a mess!!! By the time we had the weave wet-out, we were having some set-up problems and problems getting the cloth to lay on the deck where it was in close proximity to polyethylene-masked areas of the hull. Even with considerable adjustment, we ended up with some bubbles along the shear lines and a few unsightly glass wrinkles on one side of the deck near the cockpit. Later, the wrinkles were far less noticeable after the surface got two applications of clear-coat, and the bubbles along the shear were sanded out after the resin was allowed to fully harden.

Both halves. The resin has dried, and we have a boat... and a mess. Trimmed glass, masking tape, plastic sheeting, etc. Time to clean up the work area!

The deck. After laying on the glass cloth while the deck was on the forms, the clear coats were applied to the trimmed deck on saw horses... the deck is "plenty rigid" after the cloth goes on, and can stand alone from that point on. The margin of the cockpit area has been reinforced with glass and will soon be trimmed.

Both halves (again). The forms have been pulled from the hull, with the exception of the one that I'll later use as a template for the bulkhead behind the cockpit. I left this one in so that I'll have a little more support when I re-cut the hole for the cockpit.



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