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...please take responsibility for your own actions!


Please consider these thoughts before proceeding...

Everything in this web site is intended to help you have some fun in your life and create something that you will be proud to own. However... Since there are a lot of angry and frustrated people in the world who refuse to take responsibility for the fact that when they think (or don't think) for themselves, or sit back and choose to do nothing, something may result that is not in their favor. This is not my problem, IT IS THAT INDIVIDUAL'S PROBLEM.

The stuff in this site is FREE and is intended to educate, amuse and stimulate you. All of the information presented in this site is provided on good faith and with the best of intentions. Therefore, I take no responsibility for inaccurate data or similar misinformation. It may not be perfect, but is the best that I can do with what I have to work with. The information in this site is the result of a lot of hard work on my part. If you decide to take the study drawings off of this page and build a boat,--- Remember the boat that I am building is a prototype... prototypes get changed, adjusted, massaged and twisted into a workable final product: THAT IS WHY THE DRAWINGS ARE CALLED STUDY DRAWINGS AND NOT PLANS! Well, if I were you, I would wait to build this design until after the drawings are completed, but that could be some time since I am busy constructing the prototype. If you decide to go ahead with it, I can't stop you, and probably would not try to do so if I could, just do as I have done and work around any problems that you may have ---with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

At the point that I have currently reached in building the boat (I just started stripping the lower hull chine) I realize that I am going to have to redraw or simply delete some station molds just prior to the bow and stern--- they are pretty much useless except for establishing the lines (and taper) of the inside shears. Currently, I am just using some kludge creativity and building around the discrepencies. If you can NOT do this, and are thinking about hunting me down and suing me for wasted materials and a bad design, well, you shouldn't be doing anything like this in the first place. Obviously, you have not yet evolved away from your hurt little child self to live in the land of mature humans, let alone be building a wood kayak and handling power tools and sharp objects.

Please have fun, but BE SAFE. Be sure that you have read all of the appropriate boat-building reading and understand how to safely use your hand and power tools... and always WEAR EYE PROTECTION, as well as respiratory and hearing protection as you deem necessary. Eye protection is extremely important, bungee cords (seemingly benign) can slip and hit your eye with the force of a strong air gun firing a paintball at point-blank range, and do as much if not far more damage. THINK! If there is the slightest chance that you will gouge yourself with a chisel, take your eye out with a tool stroke, destroy your liver with acetone solvent, or contribute to lung cancer with ground glass fibers and hardened epoxy resin TAKE A MOMENT and PROTECT YOURSELF. This is your responsibility.

Obviously, if you build a high performance kayak and get into trouble with it on the water, that too, unfortunately, is your problem. There is little that I or anyone else can do for you at that point. Get comfortable with your boat in warm, relatively protected waters before attempting a long-distance tour in wildeness or marine environments. Be sure that you go on the water only after reading and understanding all regulations, safety and rescue literature, have a good PFD (personal floatation device), bilge pump, paddle float, spray skirt or sea sock, signaling aids, and any maps or navigaion devices (marine compass, GPS) that you need to get yourself safely home. If you can manage it, always paddle with a buddy that you can trust to do the right things in an emergency situation. Thank you for your time and attention.

---Very Sincerely, ---Dan.

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