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Fall 11 Homepage for English150

Note:  Room change for Thursdays to Ross 125.

Welcome to English 150, Fall 11.

You will find some of your readings and all of your assignments on this web site.

Be sure to "REFRESH" your pages as you check the schedule and other pages on this web site. 

Required Textbooks:

ISUComm Student Guide

Axelrod & Cooper's Concise Guide to Writing, 5th Edition

Hackers A Pocket Style Manual, 5th Edition


To sell your ideas to your peers, to your management, to your customers, you must, and I stress MUST, be able to communicate.  One of the reasons Sir Isaac Newton was famous in physics was because he could communicate.

~Danny S.




Teamwork Questionnaire

Descriptive Essay

Comparison Essay

Argumentative Paper

Reflective Essay


Extra Credit Options