Statistics 503 - Exploratory Methods and Data Mining

Statistics 503 - Exploratory Methods and Data Mining

Instructor: Dr Di Cook
325 Snedecor Hall

Meeting Times: MWF 2:10-3:00 Room TBA
Office hours: TBA

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Textbooks: W.N. Venables and B.D. Ripley (2003) "Modern Applied Statistics with S (4th ed)" Springer
Chatfield, C. (1995) "Problem Solving: A Statistician's Guide" Chapman and Hall/CRC
Recommended Reading: Bishop, C. (2006) "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning" Springer
Hastie, T., Tibshirani, R., and Friedman, J. (2001) "The Elements of Statistical Learning", Springer
Brian Ripley, "Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks"

Prerequisites: Statistics 401, 447 or 341, or permission of the instructor
Description: Approaches to finding the unexpected in data: data mining, pattern recognition and gaining understanding. Emphasis is on data-centered, non-inferential statistics, for large or high-dimensional data, and topical problems. Simple graphical methods, as well as classical and computer-intensive methods applied in an exploratory manner, and presentation graphics.
Objectives: Information in our age is exploding in amount and complexity. New disciplines, such as data mining, are emerging to address the needs in this area. This course is designed to provide students with the essentials for approaching new, complex data, and arriving at preliminary descriptive statements.
Approach: This will be a data-centered course, with segments of the semester focusing on particular data sets, each getting more complex as the semester progresses.

Tentative Schedule

Dates Topic Notes Data Assignment Homework Code
Jan 8, 10, 12 Introduction to R. Intro to R Data . . .
Jan 17, 19 What is data mining? Outline , Background . . Hwk 1 Code
end of Jan Case study 1: Tipping Data Notes Data Assignment 1, Womens tennis statistics, Mens tennis statistics . Code
Feb Case study 2: Olive Oils Data Notes Data . Hwk 2 , Hwk 3 Music data Code
Mar Case study 3: Clustering music clips Notes Data . . Code
Classification of music clips . Notes Data . . .
Apr Case study 4: Hurricanes Notes Data . . Code
Mar 12 Exam 1 | 2005 Exam 1, Solution, Guide Apr 30 Exam 2 | 2005 Exam 2, Solution, Guide Apr 11 Project due Apr 23, 25, 27 project presentations . . .

Methods to be Covered:

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