These are example animations created with software components I have been building for the Limn project. These are not streamed so I am keeping the file sizes on the small side.

I have added a small red dot that hops around to help me understand the recording process. It does not hold any significance.

To view these examples you will need to have quicktime installed.
LittleTour This is built using the LittleTourFactory to create the tour bases. The data is the set used by Manuel J. Suarez for his class project last Spring with all 11 variables active. The animation is pretty much built in real time. Probably I should pick each combination of variables in a random fashion.

length 5 minutes - size 4.3Mb
PPHoles index This is an animation that adds information about the PP index of each major projection. Values are MinMaxed and displayed as small tix marks at the bottom of the screen. The PPHolesFactory could easily be modified to only allow projections below a certain index value to be judged fit. Again this is the data from Manuel J. Suarez and 11 variables are used.

length 2 minutes - size 2.2Mb
Big data This is an example that uses a big data set, all 170,000 points in the Tao buoy data set. Rendering takes a few seconds a frame, if the entire 10MB set is loaded into memory. The random access file LimnData object that I have can also work by caching smaller sections of the file, but all the disk io that this involves really slows things down. In this animation 5 of the variables are used, including humidity and sea surface temperature which have a lot of missing values (replaced with 0's).

length 20 seconds - size 1.5Mb