Links to animation resources

This is a brief review of what I was able pull together from searching the web for existing software libraries that support graphics, image creation, movie creation and editing. It is by no means very complete.

Initial work with limn will concentrate on prototyping animation creation with java and quicktime, this page is meant to form a collection of resources that may be useful at some point.

Video file formats and codecs

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) format is probably the most common. Here is another link to some useful MPEG info

Quicktime streaming

Quicktime streaming server is a free, opensource server that apple has made avaialbe and many third parties are porting to numerous platforms. entera has a port to nt and solaris that is available (in beta).

the little quicktime page is a good weblog devoted to quicktime resources.

Links to making animations

SGI notes on generating a standard movie file. Includes examples in quicktime.

XMG is a package that lets you create movies from an Xwindow display.

another site gives a short overview of making mpegs.

Graphics toolkits

OpenGL is probably the most common for sophisticated graphics.

gtk is a more all purpose library. there is a book available on getting started with gtk.

list of general purpose graphic libraries.

GD is a tool for simple graphics and image creation (often used with perl for building html/cgi graphs).

image_magick is a image processing tool also often used with perl.


Quicktime viewer for unix

and a port of quicktime for linux

a small util that will create a quicktime film out of a bunch of jpeg images.

The Office of Academic Computing at UCLA has an interesting collection of links to software that they use for Scientific Visualization.

Here is another page that talks about creating animations from images. A TIFF building library with OpenGL and GLUT