Delivering video over a network

The movie used in these examples was taken from an animation that was 'recorded' with a new OrcaPipe I've been working on. The recording will capture all the java graphics that are drawn so brushing rectangles show up as well. I have added a small red dot that hops around to help me understand the recording process... It does not hold any significance.

Here are examples of three ways to deliver animation over a network. To view these examples you will need to have quicktime installed.
RTSP Streaming allows a server to only send the movie as needed. It is not 'downloaded' so there is no concern with having enough free space on the client. Also, the streaming server allows immediate access to any section of the animation (with only a small wait for buffering a few frames). This animation has been compressed and should stream well over a modem connection.

length 10 minutes with 6 fps - size 3.5Mb
Http delivery treats the movie as a standard web file. Here the file must be downloaded to the client. Once it is downloaded it can be scanned quickly. There are a few tricks to allow movies to begin playing before they are completely downloaded, but it must be downloaded incrementally. (no peeking ahead or skipping sections). This movie is the raw output from the OrcaRecorder, it is about three times larger than the compressed one used for streaming.

length 10 minutes with 6 fps - size 10Mb
QuickTime VR provides a way to let the user interact a bit more with a Movie. Here 'movies' are made out of a two dimension array of images. To interact with the model, mouse click on the image and drag up and down or right and left. Most often this is used to 'spin' a three dimensional object, but there is no reason that it could be used for navigating through tours somehow. With this model the up and down movement 'jumps' because i have done a bad job of building it.... and don't yet have the tools to do a better job. For other examples of this see theshowcase that apple has put together.

length 2 minutes with 6 fps - size 2Mb