This is a big download, please be patient.... it is worth it!

Getting started

Once the applet starts use the Tour window and the ScatterplotMatrix window to view the data. Tour speed can be controlled with the slider. To brush data points select a color from the brush pallet and click and drag over the points in the rendering. Brushing will affect both views.

The first selection of four data sets have reasonably well clustered data, try and determine the number of clusters in each set.

The second group of four data sets come from common statistical distributions, try and determine the source distribution.

Trouble shooting the applet

This applet seems to work best with Internet Explorer, it uses swing and needs a jvm of at least 1.1.6 to run properly. It is a good bit of code and eight data sets so there is quite a bit to download.

  • This has been tested with Internet Explorer 4 and 5.
  • If you have Sun's jdk installed you can use that appletviewer by running it from a dos prompt and passing it the url of this page.
  • You will need Internet Explorer 4.5 and Apples MRJ installed.
  • Make sure that Apples MRJ is selected in the IE properties.