Davood Hajinezhad


Davood Hajinezhad

Ph.D. Student
Department of IMSE
Iowa State University

Research Interests

  • Big Data Optimization

  • Distributed Optimization

  • Machine Learning

Email: dhaji[at]iastate[dot]edu

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I am currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering at Iowa Iowa State University. I am working under the suppervision of Prof. Mingyi Hong.
I got my Master's Degree from the Department of Mathematics, Isfahan University of Technology, under the guidence of Prof. Nasser Salmasi (from Department of Industrial Engineering , Sharif University of Technology), and Prof. Reza Mokhtari (from Department of Mathematics, Isfahan University of Technology), 2009.
I received my Undergrad in Applied Mathematics from the School of Mathematical Science, Shahrood University of Technology, 2006.


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  2. Nonconvex Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Distributed Sparse Principal Component Analysis, GlobalSIP, USA, Dec 2015, slides.