Sean Cavanaugh

Software Engineer - Software
Sean has been playing video games and breaking computer hardware since he could press buttons. He has gained experience in choosing hardware and building computers through his semi-frequent computer purchases and by building his own desktop computer. He is also a frequently used as an IT worker by his family and friends. Due to these past computer related experiences, he is very qualified in assisting others in buying and building a PC.

Dylan Gransee

Computer Engineer - Software Systems and Networking
Dylan has had an interest in computers since he started playing computer games at a very young age. With this interest in computers, Dylan also gained knowledge of what computers are best in certain situations. He is often used as a resource when his family or friends are in need of purchasing or building a computer that fits their needs.

Robert Larsen

Computer Engineer - Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture
As a Computer Engineer with a focus dealing with Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture Robert has the knowledge to know about and understand the underlying hardware in computing devices. He is also prolific in playing video games on personal computers, which means he has a lot of experience with varying power levels of hardware, and understands the benefits and costs of different hardware. Robert has also built and upgraded his own computer, making him qualified for addressing custom machines.