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Name:        Darrin Fischer

Interests:    Family, friends, aviation, music, computers, flight simulators, reef aquariums, football.


Thank you for visiting my website.  I would like to tell you a little about myself and my interests.  First of all I am very fortunate to have a wonderful wife, Erica, who has truly been a gift from God.  We are expecting our first baby in October and we haven't learned the sex of the baby; it is a surprise we are anxiously awaiting.  We also have another family member, Westin, who is all Westie and personality.  A great addition to our family for sure.

Erica and I were married on July 12th, 2003 (the picture above shows a waterfall from when we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii) and continue to grow as a couple every day of our lives.  Now that we have a little baby on the way, I'm sure we have many precious (and challenging) moments ahead.  We lived in a two and a half bedroom apartment for the first year of our married lives and moved into our first home two years ago.

Erica is involved in communications and marketing for IT Services (Information Technology Services) and I work in the infrastructure services area of IT Services, currently focusing on the administrative offices at ISU.

I also have wonderful parents who live not too far away in Clear Lake, Iowa.  I have a brother who lives up there as well.  He too has been an inspiration to me.  He received his masters in aerospace engineering and has helped


I have always been interested in flight since I was a young boy beginning when my Uncle took me up in his Aeronca Champ "stick and rudder" airplane.  He lives in Frankfort, Illinois which is about 35 miles southwest of Chicago.  He lives in a rural area where we would fly along dirt roads, around farms, and even under some of the tall power lines (before there were as many regulations as there are now).  He also took me to several Oshkosh air shows where I would camp with him, my Aunt, and cousins.   It was a great experience.  I soon plan to fly to Frankfort and return the favor to my Uncle by taking him up flying, only this time I will be at the controls.  :-)

Later on in life I got interested in computers and computer games which I quickly delved into the flight simulator world.  I remember it starting when my brother bought "Flight Simulator" from SubLOGIC for the old Commodore 64 computer.   I have been flying simulators ever since.  I have even included a link above where you can find out more about the wonderful world of being a "computer pilot".

I have always wanted to someday obtain my own private pilot's license (certificate).  Finally, after a stressful check-ride (aren't they all?), in June of 2006 I received my private pilot's license.  I started my training back in November of 2005 and fit lessons in when time and money would allow.  Since I obtained my license, I try to get up and fly every week; although weather and time don't always allow me to do this.  I also plan on obtaining my instrument rating along with a multiengine and commercial rating.  I plan to start my instrument training in the beginning of 2007 and continue to further my aviation training after that.  As I have said before, I have been blessed with a wonderful wife who continues to support and encourage me with my flight endeavors.


Once a drummer, always a drummer.  At least that is the way I feel.  I started playing drums when a buddy of mine, Tommy, got a guitar and thought it would be cool to start a band.  It was back when I was a sophomore in high school and I have been playing drums ever since.  My first gig was at J-4 rollaway (a roller skating joint) and it was unbelievable at the time.  I have a video tape of the event that every once and awhile I will pull out and laugh hysterically watching myself play songs like Kick Start My Heart and Patience (I actually sang the song since there are no drums to it).  I moved on to meet a good buddy of mine, Joe, who continues to play bass for a band called "Only".  We played in a band together for many years and became close friends.  He now has a son and a wife and still somehow finds time to keep on playing.  I then moved on to play with a close friend and roommate, "Sparky", and we really had a good thing going with our lead guitarist and singer, "Spencer", but he moved on to bigger and better things.  I haven't played drums for several years but I was recently asked by a co-worker if I was interested in playing once or twice a week and maybe doing a gig once a month or so.  I think I am going to take him up on that and see if time will allow.  Especially now that I have a little one on the way.


I love computers!  Hey, if it wasn't for computers I wouldn't have a job nor would I have the ability to fly an aircraft from my office.  What can I say?  I build them, fix them, modify them, over-clock them, and hate them (obviously when they don't work right).  Yes, even us "techies" get frustrated with computers.  Probably even more so since that is all we seem to do.

Flight Simulators

I started with flight simulators at a young age when my brother, Brent, brought home a program from SubLOGIC called "Flight Simulator II".  I remember it having only straight lines to represent the ground and a couple of blocks for buildings at Meigs field in Chicago.  It still gave a taste for what it was like to fly an airplane (although it was in its simplest form).  The second simulator I remember playing was a game called Falcon 3.0.  This was really the game that got me interested in making computers work correctly because I remember we had to get the conventional memory to 640K before we could play the game.  After that, it was about any Jane's combat flight simulator I could get my hands on and of course Microsoft Flight Simulator.  I am now flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator version 2004 (FS9).  I have spent many hours modding it to get it more life-like.  I currently fly for American Virtual Airlines (www.joinava.org).  You will see me under the roster section for Chicago O'Hare.  I go by the call sign "AAL642".  I am awaiting the release of Microsoft Flight SImulator X and have recently downloaded the demo version.  So far it looks promising but has a long way to go to catch up to my build of Microsoft Flight Simulator.  For more information about flight simulation and my interest for it, please click here or click on the "Flight Simulation" link above.