Students working toward the B.A. in art and design pursue studies in a related or supporting area by means of a second major, minor, and/or approved program of study that meets the individual needs of a student. Art history, art education, craft design, drawing/painting/printmaking, and visual studies courses may be taken to fulfill the art and design program of study.

The curriculum in art and design leading to the B.F.A. provides a studio concentration. Students select an emphasis in one of the following areas: (1) craft design (ceramics, fiber, jewelry and metal, wood), (2) drawing/painting/printmaking, (3) visual studies (calligraphy, computer-aided art and design, illustration, photography, two- and three-dimensional mixed media).

Students planning a career in art education, preparing for certification to teach art in grades kindergarten through twelve, should matriculate in the art and design curriculum leading to the B.F.A. degree. This sequencing will provide a strong studio background.

Degree specializations leading the the master of arts degree are available in art education, craft design, intermedia, and drawing/painting/printmaking. Within the general area of craft design the following emphasis are available: ceramics, fiber, jewelry and metal, and wood design.

Art & Design | Design College | 1997-1999 Iowa State University Course Catalog