Additional Requirements

Although it is nice to have a homepage on the web and it was enjoyable and informative to create this page; these objectives were not the driving force behind the creation of this page.
Creation of this page was a lab assignment for CS104. Being a class assignment, there were a series of minimum requirements for this page. A number of requirements have been integrated into the project. However some of the requirements did not lend themselves to the style or content of this work. Requirements not used in the other sections of this work will be listed (in an ordered list) on this page and will be followed by another list showing examples of there use.

Additional Tags

  1. Bold text < b >
  2. Italics < i >
  3. Underlined text < u >
  4. Preformatted text < pre >
  5. Typewriter text < tt >
  6. Escape sequences
  7. Link

Tag Examples

  1. This is a BOLD tag.
  2. This is a italics tag.
  3. This is a underline tag.
  4. This is
    preformatted text
  5. This is typerwriter text.
  6. This is a link to Ames Lab
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