Advanced Biostatistics

EEOB 590C/ EEB 698 2

Instructor: Dr. Dean Adams
241 Bessey Hall
Office Hours: Anytime by appointment

Prerequisites: Stat 401

Description: This course will review the basic univariate and multivariate statistics commonly used in evolutionary and ecological research. The goal of the course is to give students a general idea of what statistical methods are commonly used in evolutionary biology and ecology, which methods are appropriate for which types of data, and to provide a general knowledge of how the methods work. While this course is NOT intended to be a substitute for multivariate courses in statistics, it IS intended to provide sufficient detail so that students may pick up a recent issue of Evolution, Ecology, American Naturalist, etc. and be able to understand the statistical methods used in the articles. This way, students may more critically evaluate the literature, and hopefully, be able to use these methods in their own research as the need arises.

Class Meetings
Lecture: TBD
Lab: TBD