Tim Day's Lab

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People Presently in the Lab

Tim Day
Tim still does all of the electrophysiology in the lab (because no one else will do it) and the isolated muscle contraction work. He is also coordinating the bioinformatic and PCR-based efforts to discover neuropeptide receptors in parasitic worms, focused mostly on schistosomes. Tim also spends a great deal of time settling disputes between the various ehtnic, religious and racial factions in the laboratory.


Judith Humphries
Judith is a post-doc who joined the lab in 2002, coming from Belfast via Tim Yoshino's laboratory at the University of Wisconisin. Judith is interested in signal transduction in schistosomes. Her present work is focused on molecular and physiological characterization of components of the Protein Kinase C pathway in parasitic worms. She is also helping to clone G-protein coupled receptors for neuropeptides in flatworms.

Eva Barton
Eva is an experienced technician who joined the laboratory when we moved to Iowa State. Eva is helping to get the laboratory up and running. She is involved in every facet of the work, focusing now on (1) physiological assays of neuropeptide receptors in situ (2) functional expression of G-protein-coupled receptors from schistosomes and other flatworms, and (3) spending every last cent of available money in the laboratory.
Michael Kimber
Michael joined the lab at the beginning of 2002, having recently earned a Ph.D. from Queen's University of Belfast. Michael's interest is focused on the structure and function of neuropeptide receptors in plant parasitic nematodes including potato cyst nematodes (endemic in Ireland) and soybean cyst nematodes (endemic in Iowa). He is very jammy.
Mark Totten
Mark is another Belfastian. During his Ph.D. program, he joined the lab at Iowa State for a couple of short stints. Now he is working full-time on Neuropeptide F in schistosomes, focusing on in situ hybridization of schistosome NPF and neuropeptide receptors. He is also developing assays for using double-stranded RNA to silence genes in adult schistosomes.

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