Dane Buchholz




  Esherick House

  204 Sunrise Lane, Chestnut Hill, PA
  Architect | Louis I. Kahn
  Built | 1961

Drawing Sheet Set (click here)

Virtual Model (click here)

I began the modeling of the Margaret Esherick House by importing the site plan topography from the USGS survey into AutoCAD. After trimming the topography lines to within the property lines, I changed the elevation of each line to match the topography scale. The final step to finishing the site plan was importing the site CAD file into Revit, creating the topography automatically, and adding trees at the designated points.

The next step was to begin the modeling of the building. First I imported images of the existing drawings and used the resize tool to correct the scale. From there I was able to trace the footprint into a building pad on the site, as well as the walls, floors, and stairs of the structure. I used the existing elevations to place the windows and doors correctly if they were not visible in plan.

With the structure made with generic types of members, I then went back and changed the types and materials to represent the actual building’s construction. I found and added furniture from both the Revit library and RevitCity. Placing additional small objects on the furniture made the final renderings look more realistic.

I feel that my model is a fairly accurate representation of the building, but there are a few more things I hope to learn to add to the model. One would be creating custom wall and floor types to fully match the existing structure. This would also help in making the cost analysis more accurate.