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Curtis J. Struck
Professor of Astrophysics
Iowa State University

Brief bio - NSF style from 2005: pg. 1, pg. 2 or as a pdf


The core of my research is in the area of galaxy evolution and colliding galaxies in particular. In recent years I've also worked on ram pressure stripping of galaxies in groups and clusters, observational signatures of giant planets in Mira star winds, very simple analytic approximations to orbits in power-law potentials, and shading the Earth with dust in the lunar orbit. Check out ADS or astro-ph.

Some animations (mostly colliding galaxies)


I teach a courses ranging from Intro to Astronomy for nonscience majors to graduate courses in extragalactic astronomy and general relativity.

In fall 2006 its Astro 342 An Intro. to Solar Systems

Some Websites of interest:

The ISU Astronomy and Astrophysics Program

The Astronomy Picture of the Day

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