John Cunnally

831 Clark Avenue, Ames IA 50010
Home Phone: (515) 232-0495
Office Phone: (515) 294-7702


University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. in Art History 1984
Dissertation: "The Role of Greek and Roman Coins in the Art of the Italian Renaissance"

Drexel University
M.S. in Library Science 1976

Temple University
B.A. in English 1972


Iowa State University, Department of Art & Design
Associate Professor of Art History 1996-

Iowa State University, College of Design
Associate Director, College of Design Rome Program 2004-2005

Iowa State University, Department of Art & Design
Assistant Professor of Art History 1989-1996

Arkansas State University, Art Department
Assistant Professor of Art History 1985-1989


Eleanor M. Garvey Fellowship in Printing and Graphic Arts
Houghton Library, Harvard University 2004

Iowa State University Council on Scholarship in the Humanities
Summer Research Grant 2000

Iowa State University, College of Design
Polster Teaching Award 1998

Alliance for Community Media National Award
Best Public Access Series on the Arts 1997

Iowa State University, College of Design
Extraordinary Performance Award 1994

National Endowment for the Humanities
Travel to Collections Grant 1991

Iowa State University Design Research Institute
Travel and Research Fellowship 1990


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Beyond Grant Wood: Iowa Artists Today, a 15-part television series, Ames Public Access Television, Fall 1995-Spring 1996.

Apollo in Silver: Photography of the Minimalist Era, Gallery 181, Iowa State University, January-February 1994.


College Art Association

American Numismatic Society

Renaissance Society of America

Sixteenth Century Society

International Society for the Classical Tradition

Numismatic Bibliomania Society