All answers can be found by clicking on the link to the provided website. 


Go to "Credit Gone Wild Event"

1. When is the Credit Gone Wild Event?

2. What are you invited to bring?


Go to "Did you know?"

3. Where can students at Iowa State University go for free financial services?

4. Where is the free financial service building located?


Go to "The Truth about Credit."

5. What is one of the myths about credit?


Go to "10 Ways to Raise your Score"

6. What are 2 ways to raise your credit score?


Go to "Links" find the ISU Financial Counseling Clinic websiteClick "Money Management Resources." Click "Credit Reporting."

7. What are the 4 things contained in a credit report?

8. Name the three Primary Credit Bureaus.


Go to "Links" find the Iowa Credit Union website.  

9. What is the Credit Union tip of the week?


Go to "Links" find the Google website.

10. Name a website that offers free credit reports.


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