Conference Proceedings

Participants who are requested to submit manuscripts are asked to please bring two (2) copies of the manuscript to the conference. The participants include those who present lectures, talks, and some poster presenters. Each manuscript will be refereed on site and the author can send the camera-ready copy to Rebecca Shivvers, Conference Secretary, no later than September 1, 1995. Each manuscript must conform to the instructions given by Kluwer Academic Publishers; otherwise, the publisher will return it for corrections. A Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright form must accompany all final copies of the manuscript.

LECTURES: One of the scopes of the NATO ASI is a genuinely tutorial course in an advanced area. Therefore, when writing your lectures, as well as in writing your contribution for the proceedings of the NATO ASI, please make an effort to take the tutorial factor into account. Your contribution should not exceed twenty pages.

TALKS and POSTERS: The manuscript should not exceed eight pages.

Some Technical Notes

The contributed papers should be written in LaTeX using the documentstyle crckapb.sty provided by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Participants are strongly encouraged to retrieve this documentstyle as well as the other two supporting documents either from the last section of this home-page or from our anonymous-ftp site.

The file crckapb.sty should be placed in the default directory required by LaTeX for all *.sty files. In Unix systems this directory is defined by the environment variable TEXINPUTS. Macintosh users who use the application Textures for their document preparation should place this file in the folder named "TeX inputs". For more details on using LaTeX please refer to your system administrator.

Basic instructions on how to use the documentstyle crckabp.sty are provided in a file named basic.* available in LaTeX, DVI and Postscript format.

A sample paper contribution (file paper.* by K. Bush and C.M.Soukoulis) written in LaTeX using the documentstyle crckabp.sty is also available. Feel free to down-load in it, so that you can format your paper contribution accordingly.

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