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Research Articles

Past Research Articles
Z. Islam, I. R. Fisher, J. Zarestky, P. C. Canfield, C. Stassis, and A. I. Goldman:
Reinvestigation of long-range magnetic ordering in icosahedral Tb-Mg-Zn,
Phys. Rev. B 57, Rapid Communications, R11047 (1998).
C. Detlefs, A. H. M. Z. Islam, T. Gu, A. I. Goldman, C. Stassis, P. C. Canfield, J. P. Hill, and T. Vogt:
Magnetoelastic tetragonal-to-orthorhombic distortion in ErNi2B2C,
Phys. Rev. B 56, Brief Reports, 7843 (1997).
Zahirul Islam, C. Detlefs, A. I. Goldman, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, A. Zheludev:
Magnetic structures of DyNi2Ge2,
Solid State Comm. 108, 371 (1998)
Abstract. Preprint (PDF).
Zahirul Islam, C. Detlefs, A. I. Goldman, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, J. P. Hill, Doon Gibbs, T. Vogt, and A. Zheludev:
Neutron diffraction and x-ray resonant exchange scattering studies of the zero-field magnetic structures of TbNi2Ge2,
Phys. Rev. B 58, 8522 (1998).
Abstract. Preprint (PS).
C. Detlefs, A. H. M. Z. Islam, T. Gu, A. I. Goldman, C. Stassis, P. C. Canfield, J. P. Hill, D. Gibbs, and T. Vogt:
Magneto-elastic tetragonal to orthorhombic distortion in ErNi2B2C,
Submitted to Phys. Rev. B Brief Reports .
C. Detlefs, A. H. M. Z. Islam, A. I. Goldman, C. Stassis, P. C. Canfield, J. P. Hill, and D. Gibbs:
Determination of magnetic moment directions using x-ray resonant exchange scattering,
Phys. Rev. B 55, 680 (1997).
C. Detlefs, A. I. Goldman, J. P. Hill, D. Gibbs, C. Stassis, P. C. Canfield and B. K. Cho:
The magnetic structure of GdNi2B2C by resonant and non-resonant x-ray scattering,
Phys. Rev. B. 53, 6355 (1996).

I. R. Fisher, M. J. Kramer, Z. Islam, A. R. Ross, A. Kracher, T. Wiener, M. J. Sailer, A. I. Goldman, and P. C. Canfield:
On the growth of decagonal Al-Ni-Co quasicrystals from ternary melt,
Philos. Mag. B (Feb. 1999).
I. R. Fisher, Z. Islam, A. F. Panchula, K. O. Cheon, M. J. Kramer, P. C. Canfield, and A. I. Goldman:
Growth of large-grain R-Mg-Zn quasicrystals from the ternary melt (R=Y,Er,Ho,Dy,Tb),
Philos. Mag. B 77, 1601-1615 (1998).
C. J. Jenks, P. J. Pinhero, Z. Shen, T. A. Lograsso, D. W. Delaney, T. E. Bloomer, S.-L. Chang, C.-M. Zhang, J. W. Anderegg, A. H. M. Z. Islam, A. I. Goldman, and P. A. Thiel:
Preparation of icosahedral AlPdMn and AlCuFe samples for LEED studies,
Proceedings of Sixth International Conference on Quasicrystals, Ed. by A. Fujiwara and S. Takeuchi, World Scientific, Singapore, 1997, in press.
X. Wu, S. W. Kycia, C. G. Olson, P. J. Benning, A. I. Goldman and D. W. Lynch:
Electronic band dispension and pseudogap in quasicrystals: Angular-resolved photoemission studies on Icosahedral Al70Pd21.5Mn8.5,
Phys. Rev. Lett. (in press).

J. P. Hill, B. Sternlieb, D. Gibbs, C. Detlefs, A. I. Goldman, C. Stassis, P. Canfield and B. K. Cho:
Incommensurate antiferromagnetism in the intermetallic superconductor HoNi2B2C,
Phys. Rev. B 53, 3487 (1996).

P. Dervenagas, J. Zarestky, C. Stassis, A. I. Goldman, P. Canfield and B. K. Cho:
Magnetic structure of TbNi2B2C,
Phys. Rev. B. 53, 8506 (1996).

U. Yaron, P. L. Gammel, A. P. Ramirez, D. A. Huse, D. J. Bishop, A. I. Goldman, C. Stassis, P. C. Canfield, K. Mortensen, and M. R. Eskildsen:
Microscopic coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in ErNi2B2C,
Nature 382, 236 (1996).

Books and Book Chapters

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Quasicrystals IV: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Quasicrystals, eds., K. F. Kelton, P. C. Gibbons and A. I. Goldman, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1993.

A. I. Goldman:
Icosahedral Glass Models for Quasicrystals,
in Bond Orientational Order in Condensed Matter Systems, ed. K. Strandburg, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1992, Ch. 8, pp. 341-380.

P. Bak and A. I. Goldman:
in Introduction to Quasicrystals, M. V. Jaric, ed., Academic Press, San Diego (1988), Ch. 4, 143-170.

L. H. Bennett, G. G. Long, M. Kuriyama, and A. I. Goldman:
Local Atomic Structure in Transition Metal/Metalloid Glasses: NiP,
in Structural Bonding in Non-crystalline Solids, G. E. Walfrafin, and A. G. Revesz, eds., Plenum Press, New York, (1986), pp. 385-409.

Invited Papers

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C. Stassis and A. I. Goldman:
Neutron and resonant x-ray stattering studies of RNi2B2C (R=rare earth) single crystals,
(to be published).
D. C. Johnston et al.:
Superconducting and normal state magnetic properties of RNi2B2C single crystals,
Chinese Journal of Physics (in press).

D. C. Johnston et al.:
Overview of recent magnetic studies of high Tc cuprate parent compounds and related materials,
to be be published in the proceedings of the First Polish-U.S. Conference on High Temperature Superconductivity, Wroclaw and Duszniki-Zdroy, Poland, September 11-15, 1995.

C. Detlefs, J. C. Lang, G. Srayer, A. I. Goldman, X. Wang, B. Harmon and R. W. McCallum:
Evidence for quadropolar contributions to the circular magnetic x-ray dichroism of rare earths,
J. Phys. Chem. Solids 56, 1517 (1995).

M. Xu, J. Polonka, A. I. Goldman, D. K. Finnemore and S. McKernan:
Growth of Precipitates in Bi2Sr2CaCu3O8,
Appl. Supercond. 1, 1547-1554 (1993).

A. I. Goldman:
Inelastic Neutron Scattering from Single Grains of Icosahedral and Cubic Al-Li-Cu,
in Physics and Chemistry of Finite Systems From Clusters to Crystals, Vol. I, P. Jena, S. N. Khana and B. K. Rao, eds., Kluwer Academic, Boston (1992), pp. 323-332.

in Face-Centered Icosahedral Alloys,
in the Proceedings of the 25th Anniversary Adriatico Research Conference on Quasicrystals, ed. M. Jaric and S. Lundquist, World Scientific (1990), pp. 60-73.

J. Kwo, M. Hong, D. B. McWhan, Y. Yafet, R. M. Fleming, F. J. DiSalvo, J. V. Waszczak, C. F. Maykrzak, D. Gibbs, A. I. Goldman, P. Boni, J. Bohr, H. Grimm, C. L. Chien, and J. W. Cable:
Magnetic Superlattices,
J. de Physique 49 C8-1651 to C8-1655 (1988).

G. Aeppli, E. Bucher, A. I. Goldman, G. Shirane, C. Broholm, and J. K. Kjems:
Magnetic Correlations in UPt3 and U1-xThxPt3,
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 76-77, 385-390 (1988).

C. F. Majkrzak, D. Gibbs, P. Bni, A. I. Goldman, J. Kwo, M. Hong, J. C. Hsieh, R. M. Fleming, D. B. McWhan, Y. Yafet, J. W. Cable, J. Bohr, H. Grimm, and C. L. Chien:
Magnetic Rare-Earth Superlattices,
J. Appl Phys. 63, 3447-3452 (1988).

A. I. Goldman:
Magnetic Correlations and Heavy Fermion Systems,
Jpn. J Appl. Phys. 26, 1887-1892 (1987).

A. I. Goldman, G. Shirane, G. Aeppli, E. Bucher, and J. Hufnagl:
Antiferromagnetic Spin Fluctuations and the Heavy Fermion System UPt3,
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 63-64, 380-382 (1987).

A. I. Goldman:
Neutron Scattering Studies of the Heavy Fermion Superconductors,
Physica 135B, 9-13 (1985).

Contributed Papers

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J. Polonka, Ming Xu, J. E. Ostenson, A. I. Goldman and D. K. Finnemore:
Growth of Cu-free phases in Bi(2212),
in Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 40, 41 (1994).

M. Xu, J. Polanka, A. I. Goldman, D. K. Finnemore and S. McKernan:
Growth of CaO Precipitates in Superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu3O8+δ,
IEEE Trans. (in press).
X. D. Wang, V. P. Andropov, B. N. Harmon, J. C. Lang and A. I. Goldman:
Circular Magnetic X-ray Dichroism in Rare Earth Magnets,
(accepted for the Proceedings of the Internat. Conf. on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Minneapolis, Nov. 1993).

M. Xu, J. Polonka, A. I. Goldman and D. K. Finnemore:
Investigations of Crystalline Phases in the Melting of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox,
Appl. Supercond. 1, 53-60 (1993).

J. E. Shield, M. J. Kramer, R. W. McCallum and A. I. Goldman:
A Face-Centered Icosahedral Approximant Phase with Local Icosahedral Symmetry,
in Physics and Chemistry of Finite Systems: From Clusters to Crystals, Vol. I, P. Jena, S. N. Khana and B. K. Rao, eds.,
Kluwer Academic, Boston (1992), pp. 125-129.

J. Polanka, M. Xu, A. I. Goldman, D. K. Finnemore and Q. Li:
Melting and Freezing of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Compounds,
Supercond. Sci. Technol. 5, S157-S160 (1992).

M. Xu, J. Polonka, A. I. Goldman, D. K. Finnemore, Q. Li and F. C. Laabs:
Crystalline Phases During the Melting of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox,
in Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 249, 175-179 (1992).

K. R. Jacobs, T. A. Miller, D. K. Finnemore, A. I. Goldman, S. E. Lebeau and J. Righi:
Crystallization of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox Superconducting Filaments Produced by Gas-Jet Fiberization,
IEEE Trans. Magn. Mag. 27, 917 (1991).

K. A. Gschneidner, Jr., J. Tang, S. K. Dhar and A. I. Goldman:
False Heavy Fermions,
Physica B, 163, 507-510 (1990).

E. Fawcett, S. A. Werner, A. I. Goldman and G. Shirane:
SDW Paramagnons and the Suppression of Commensurate-Diffuse Scattering in Cr100-xVx Alloys,
Physica B 156 & 157, 715-717 (1989).

S. K. Sinha, D. Vaknin, M. S. Alvarez, A. J. Jacobson, J. Newsam, J. T. Lewandowski, D. C. Johnston, C. Stassis, J. M. Tranquada, T. Freltoft, H. Moudden, A. I. Goldman, P. Zolliker, D. E. Cox, and G. Shirane:
Neutron Scattering Studies of Antiferromagnetism in the High-Tc Compounds,
Physica B 156 & 157, 854-857 (1989).

A. I. Goldman, Y. Gao, S. T. Ting, J. E. Crow, W. H. Li, and J. W. Lynn:
Crystalline Electric Fields in HoBa2Cu3O7-y,
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 76 & 77, 607 (1988).

Y. Yamaguchi, A. I. Goldman, K. Ishimoto, and M. Ohashi:
Magnetic Excitations in an Itinerant Electron Antiferromagnet Cr2As,
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 70, 197-198 (1987).

S. M. Shapiro, A. I. Goldman, G. Shirane, D. E. Cox, Z. Fisk, and J. L. Smith:
A Neutron Scattering Study of the Heavy Fermion System UBe13,
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 52, 418-420 (1985).

A. I. Goldman, E. Canova, Y. H. Kao, W. L. Roth, and R. Wong:
EXAFS Studies of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia,
in EXAFS and Near-Edge Structure III, K. O. Hodgson, B. Hedman, and J. E. Penner-Hahn, eds., Spring-Verlag, Berlin (1984), p. 442 444.

J. Kruger, G. G. Long, M. Kuriyama, and A. I. Goldman:
Structural Studies of Passive Films using Surface EXAFS,
in Passivity of Metals and Semiconductors, M. Froment, ed., Elsevier Publishers, B. V., Amsterdam (1983), pp. 163-168.

Invited Review Articles, Popular Articles and other papers

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A. I. Goldman and K. F. Kelton:
Quasicrystals and Crystalline Approximants,
Rev. Mod. Phys. 65, 213-230 (1993).

A. I. Goldman:
The Crystalline State,
in Encyclopedia of Applied Physics Volume 4, ed. G. Trigg, VCH Publishers, New York (1992), pp. 365-383.

A. I. Goldman and M. Widom:
Quasicrystal Structure and Properties,
Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem. 42, 685-729 (1991).

P. W. Stephens and A. I. Goldman:
The Structure of Quasicrystals
Scientific American 264, 24-31 (1991).

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