Preparation of icosahedral AlPdMn and AlCuFe samples for LEED studies

C. J. Jenksa, P. J. Pinheroa, Z. Shena,b, T. A. Lograssoa,c, D. W. Delaneya, T. E. Bloomera, S.-L. Changa, C.-M.Zhanga,b, J. W. Andereggb, A. H. M. Z. Islamd, A. I. Goldmand, and P. A. Thiela,b

aAmes Laboratory, bDepartment of Chemistry, c Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and dDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011.

We describe conditions of sample preparation which give good LEED patterns for the fivefold and twofold surfaces of icosahedral AlPdMn, and for the fivefold surface of icosahedral AlCuFe. We also make some comments about the interpretation of the LEED patterns.

Proc. 6th Int'l Conf. Quasi. 1997.