Ancient Roman Technology
     Ancient Roman Technology is an electronic handbook created and maintained by students and faculty of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,  under the direction of Professor George Houston. The goal is to provide, over  the course of several years, a comprehensive (and regularly updated) guide to Roman technology, with various levels of information.

Argos: a web-search utility for Ancient and Medieval Studies

Classical Atlas Project
     The Classical Atlas Project is an attempt to supply the cartographic tools necessary to (and long missing from) the study of the ancient world. It  was initiated by the American Philological Association under the  direction of Professor Richard Talbert.

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean
     The Interactive Ancient Mediterranean (IAM) is an on-line atlas of the ancient world designed to serve the needs and interests of students and teachers in high school, community college and university courses in classics,  ancient history, archaeology and related fields. It is associated with  the American Philological Association and is also under the direction of Professor Richard Talbert.

Perseus Project

VRoma: A Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics

Ancient Greek Links
     Large listing of sites on Greek language and culture.

Library of Congress Greek and Latin Classics Internet Sources

Caesarea Maratima Excavations
     The official home of the Combined Caesarea Expeditions, an amphibious research project that joins excavation of the terrestrial remains of Caesarea Maritima with underwater investigation of the site's ancient harbor. Associated with the University of Maryland. Official Web Site of the Imperial Fora
     Information on the imperial fora in Rome -“including a live web-cam and impressive virtual reconstruction drawings of Roman buildings. Comune di Roma.


Mediterranean Archaeology and Classics
Sebastian Heaths’ huge index of sites. From the University of Michigan.

Forum Romanum.


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