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Overview of the Course Content

English 313 covers three aspects of Writing for the World Wide Web:
  1. The creation of support documents for your clients, including contracts, planning reports, progress reports, and completion reports
  2. The design of effective websites, including page layout, site navigation, colors, fonts, and accessibility
  3. The proper use of markup and scripting languages, including XHTML, CSS, and Javascript
Coursework includes both individual and group projects.

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Using the Course Website

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Course Information The Course Information page provides a comprehensive overview of all course policies, assignments, grading criteria, and other miscellaneous topics. You are responsible for knowing everything on this page.

General Notes During my years as a writing instructor, I have put together notes on various topics. On the odd chance that some of this information may be useful, I have included links to these notes on the General Notes page.

Major Assignments The Major Assignments page contains links to the eight major assignments you will complete during the semester.

Semester Schedule All due dates, reading assignments, class activities, and university holidays are listed on the Semester Schedule page.

Student Websites During the semester, you will need to access your classmates' websites from time to time. For your convenience, you'll find a complete set of links to their sites on the Student Websites page.

Web Design Resources I have gathered a set of online resources useful for novice and experienced web designers and put links to these sites on the Web Design Resources page. Please note that all links on this page open a new browser window.

I strongly recommend you make use of these resources.

Weekly Exercises Every week for the first five weeks of the semester, you must complete four short exercises. You'll find information about the exercises and links to the specific exercises on the Weekly Exercises page.

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BCInc A brief listing of the employees working for BCInc.

Lester and Oliver Obscure film–related humor which some may find useful as comic relief.

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