Description : A sad chimpanzee trying in vain to reach a banana hanging over his head: End DescriptionDescription : A sad bunny rabbit trying in vain to reach a carrot hanging over his head : End DescriptionEnglish 313
Accessibility Information

Accessibility and Browser Compatibility Information

Accessibility Information

In an effort to provide full access to course materials for all students, I have made a sincere attempt to make the course website accessible to persons with hearing, visual, physical, and cognitive disabilities.
  1. No sound files or sound cues have been used.
  2. All links may be accessed and activated by either keyboard or mouse.
  3. All images provide a verbal description of the content.
  4. The website allows full resizing of text.
  5. The website allows a choice among a variety of basic color schemes.
  6. The website allows a choice among four basic screen layouts.
  7. All pages remain functional without Cascading Style Sheets and/or JavaScript.
  8. The website design has been tested for functionality with a variety of screen readers and verbal browsers.
If you find any aspects of the website design do not address your specific needs, please discuss the matter with me so we can devise a solution. Please note that except under special circumstances, I will not make alternative materials available to persons not enrolled in the courses.

Browser Compatibility Information

All pages have been tested for XHTML 1.1 Strict, CSS 2, Bobby Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and Section 508 compliance.

In addition, I have tested and verified functionality with the following browsers:
  1. Windows browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0, 6.0, Mozilla 1.3, and Netscape 7.0
  2. MacIntosh Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla 1.3, and Netscape 7.0
  3. UNIX Lynx
Note that functionality does not imply full access to all features included in the website code.

Please also note that while the website does work with Opera 7.0, you need to double click navigation buttons twice to load the desired page.