Iowa State University

Council on International Programs (CIP)

Mission Statement
I.The Mission of the Council on International Programs is to promote, improve, and expand the internationalization/ globalization of Iowa State University.

II. The Goals are to further internationalization in the following areas spelled out in the 2000-2005 University
Strategic Plan:

    1. Strengthen undergraduate teaching, programs, and services.
    2. Strengthen graduate, professional, and research programs.
    3. Strengthen outreach and extension efforts.
    4. Sustain and enhance an intellectually stimulating environment and a supportive university
       community for all students, faculty, and staff.
    5. Establish international leadership in the integration and effective use of information
       technology and computation services.
    6. Strengthen initiatives to stimulate economic development, with a special emphasis on
       environmental stewardship and enhancing human resources and the quality of life.

III. The Strategies for Increasing Internationalization are:

    a. Increase the international and global knowledge for ISU students
    * Expose students to other nations and cultures through the modification of existing courses
       and creation of new courses.
    * Encourage students to obtain a double-major or minor in international studies.
    * Increase support for and participation in international student exchange and study abroad
    * Have international alumni assist in study abroad programs.
    * Expand the selection of foreign languages taught and the number of sections offered,
       as demand warrants.

    b. Increase the internationalization of ISU employees and expand international faculty and
    staff development programs.

    * Encourage ISU faculty and staff to expand their global understanding through workshops,
       seminar, and retreats.
    * Sponsor efforts and develop techniques for internationalization classes.
    * Encourage faculty to teach and conduct research abroad.
    * Strengthen services for visiting faculty and staff--such as protocol, temporary housing,
       and ground transportation.
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    c. Foster an environment in which cultural differences among people further mutual understanding.
    * Provide University lectures and programs to promote understanding of international issues.
    * Expand the use of satellite downlink, two-way video instruction, and electronic mail
       technologies to expose students on campus to views held by people in other cultures
       and nations.
    * Take steps to better integrate international students into the academic and social life of ISU.
    d. Expand the scope and intensity of international/global scholarship
    * Expand collaborative research programs with colleagues and institutions in other countries
       and expand research, scholarship, and publications on international subjects.
    * Expand the use of computer and imaging technology for international communication.
    * Increase work with Iowa and US. Agriculture and industry in areas such as export
       enhancement, international competitiveness, and technology.
    * Support and foster relationships with other countries to further ISU's research and out reach

IV. Administrative Activities to further the Mission

    1. to advise the Provost on the development and coordination of international programs at
       Iowa State University.
    2. to serve as liaison between the Provost and Colleges as well as the Library and the
       International Education Services (IES).
    3. to facilitate and encourage international initiatives among and between colleges.
    4. to provide input on behalf of the Provost to the internationalization and globalization
       component of the university strategic plan.
    5. to develop and refine guidelines on memoranda of understanding and formal linkages
       between Iowa State University and university outside the United States.
    6. to establish review mechanisms for the annual allocation of seed money funds to colleges,
       team, or individuals for new international initiatives.
    7. to develop an annual report on the "State of International Programs" as part of the University
       strategic planning process.
    8. to provide guidance on Iowa State University consortium memberships related to
    9. to serve as a data and information clearinghouse on international activities at Iowa State
    10. to conduct self studies and assist with external reviews of internationalization at Iowa State

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