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Council on International Programs (CIP)

Other Sources of Funding
Foreign Travel Grants

Grants provide support for university related travel of ISU faculty to foreign countries at 75 percent of least expensive roundtrip airfare between Des Moines and principal city of destination for activities including long term research projects, shorter duration research or collaboration efforts involving activities such as lecturing, graduate student recruiting, and fund-raising, presentations at conferences, and faculty exchanges involving an ISU faculty member. Applications are reviewed and grants awarded three times a year by the Faculty Senate Committee on Recognition and Development Committee, and administered by the International Education Services . For criteria, contact the office of the dean of your college.

Miller Fellowships

Miller Fellowships support faculty development activities to advance ISU's Strategic Plan for 2000-2005. Proposals for strengthening undergraduate teaching and for developing courses to meet the diversity/internationalization requirement were encouraged during the first year of the program. Up to $250,000 is available for allocation each year for fellowships ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. For additional information, contact the Center for Teaching Excellence, 515-294-2906.

Culture Corps Grants Program

This program is designed to help ISU achieve internationalization related goals of the ISU's Strategic Plan for 2000-2005 by allowing ISU faculty and staff to hire undergraduate international or undergraduate U.S. students who have had an overseas experience to assist with the internationalization of in class or out-of-class activities and programs. Grants may not exceed $1800 per student. Applications will be considered and funded on a rolling basis in the order in which they are received. Application information is available on the Web or by contacting Deb Vance, International Education Service, 515-294-0373 or

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Dean of Agriculture's International Competitiveness and Sustainability Grants Program

This program supports research exchanges under new or ongoing international research agreements, and faculty and staff development through international experiences. Faculty and staff with appointments in the College of Agriculture, the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, or ISU Extension Service/Extension to Agriculture are eligible. Interdepartmental and intercollege proposals, and those involving international partners, are encouraged. For additional information, contact Shelley Taylor, Assistant Director, Global Agricultural Programs, Tel. 294-5393, E-Mail .

Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Each year Iowa State University and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer students an impressive selection of opportunities to study, work, or have internships in international settings. While the university has an excellent array of courses with cross-cultural and global content, spending a semester, a summer, or even several weeks in an international setting is something that produces benefits that are hard to measure or quantify. These experiences are both educationally and personally enriching and fulfilling, and pay dividends long after the actual time away from home has drawn to a close. We look forward to the time when every student, regardless of major or academic interest, will automatically plan to spend a period of time abroad during their undergraduate (or graduate) careers. We encourage you to check this site regularly to update on new programs. Scholarships are available for LAS students wishing to study abroad.

Institute on World Affairs

The Institute on World Affairs supports an annual conference of international significance. Persons interested in proposing a topic and assisting in the conduct of such a conference should contact Pat Miller, Lectures Program, 4-9935.

University Lectures Committee

The University Lectures Committee provides support for guest speakers for which students are involved in the planning and presentations. Contact Pat Miller, Lectures Program, 4-9935.

Most colleges and many departments support colloquia or speakers (lecture) activities. If you are interested in bringing a speaker on international issues, contact your college.

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