Clark Ford

Clark Ford 2009

Clark Ford, Ph.D.                                                                             Phone: 515 294-0343
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition                              Fax: 515 294-8181
Iowa State University                                                                        E-mail:
2312 Food Sciences Bldg.
Ames, IA 50011

    Genetic analysis of Quality Protein Maize to enhance human nutrition.  We are working to genetically determine the mechanism of opaque-2 modification to understand what genes are required to produce hard, vitreous seed.
    Mutagenesis of Glucoamylase to improve its industrial properties:   Glucoamylase is an enzyme used in the production of high glucose and high fructose corn syrups from corn starch.  In my laboratory, we are working to improve both the thermostability and the substrate specificty of this enzyme in order to improve its industrial performance.


    World Food Issues Past and Present (FSHN 342)
     Ethics and Biological Sciences  (Genetics 539)

      Bioethics Program, ISU
      Faculty Senate


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