Early World History
Indo-Europeans to the Middle Ages

Indo-European Invasions triggered by Flooding of Black Sea 5600 B.C.
Indo European Invasion

Indo-Europeans (Aryan language)

Indo-European Conquerers

Diffusion of Indo-European Languages
IndoEuropean Languages

IndoEuropean Language Family tree

Before Indo-Europeans

After Indo-Europeans

Early Civilizations

Mesopotamia Fertile Crescent
Fertile Crescent

Indus Valley Civilization
Indus Civilization map

Aryan Invasion of India

Assyrian Empire: 600 B.C.
Assyrian Empire

Assyrian War Bulletin (1000 B.C.)
“Asshur my Lord commanded me to go forth…I covered the regions of Saraush and of Ammaush with ruins…I proved myself against their armies at the mountain of Aruma, I chastised them, I strawed the earth with their bodies as they had been beasts of the field; I took their cities in possession, I carried away their gods, I led them away captive, them and their goods and their treasures; I burned the cities with fire, I destroyed them, I made them even with the ground, I made of them heaps and a desolation; I laid upon them the grievous yoke of my dominion, and in their presence I gave thanks unto Asshur my Lord.”

“I slew two hundred and sixty fighting men; I cut off their heads and made pyramids thereof.  I slew one of every two.  I built a wall before the great gates of the city; I flayed the chief men of the rebels, and I covered the wall  with their skins.  Some of them were enclosed alive in the bricks of the wall, some of them were crucified on stakes along the wall; I caused a great multitude of them to be flayed in my presence, and I covered the wall with their skins.  I gathered together the heads in the form of crowns, and their pierced bodies in the form of garlands.”

“The inhabitants forsook their strongholds and their castles: they fled for safety towards Matui, a strong country; I rushed after them in pursuit; I strawed a thousand bodies of the warriors upon the mountain; I covered the mountain with their dead bodies; I filled the valleys therewith.  As for two hundred that I had taken alive, I pierced their wrists.  My face rejoiceth over ruins; in the satisfying of my wrath I have my pleasure.”

Biblical Warfare
Saul instructed by God to destroy the Amelekites (1000 B.C.):

 “Spare no one; put them all to death, men and women, children and babes in arms, herds and flocks, camels and asses.”
 -- I Samuel 15:3

Persian Empire: 525 B. C.
Persian Empire

The World: 500 B.C.
The World 500 BC

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great

Empire of Alexander the Great: 323 B. C.
Greek Empire

Greek Influence

Roman Empire
Romans conquered Italy and Sicily,
Romans then conquered the entire Greek world (except for Persia): Roman Empire: 120 A.D.
Roman Empire

Roman Empire: Wheat Empire

Roman Trade Trade Routes of First Century A.D.

Trade Routes of Roman Empire

Grits are Made of Kernels of Corn Grain

Shang Dynasty in China

Zhou Dynasty in China

Zhou Dynasty

Ch'in Dynasty in China
Han Dynasty in China
T'ang Dynasty in China
Grand Canal

Expansion of Islam 632-1000 A.D.

Islam Expansion

Islamic Middle East

Religions of Europe: 1100-1200 A.D.

Religions of Europe

Mongol Empire: 1279-1368 AD

Mongol Empire

Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire 1300-1699 A.D.
Ottoman Empire

Europe of the Middle Ages

Europe 1400

Europe in 1400

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