World Food Issues: Past and Present
FSHN 342, AG 342, Univ Stud 342, TSC 342 EnvS 342
  Summer 2018
May 14- July 5

Instructor: Clark Ford 

Course Syllabus

 Introduction to Course Syllabus

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Course Section 1:
World Hunger, Famines, Malnutrition 
May 14-17

Study Guide for Section 1

    Quiz 1: May 17

World Hunger Introduction (Ch 1)
  Video: Malnutrition in Guatamala
        World Hunger and Poverty Facts 2015
        Video: How Empowering Women Can Solve World Hunger  
        Article: Role of Women in Agriculture 

UN Millennium Development Goals
Video: Millennium Development Goals
        MDG Progress chart 2015
        Blog: Missing MDGs in Africa
        Video: Sustainable Development Goals for 2035
World Hunger 10 Myths (Food First)
        Food First: World Hunger 10 Myths
World Food Day:10 Myths about Hunger (The Guardian)
Oxfam Hunger Banquet
       Video: Hunger Banquet
Famines (Ch 2)
        Video: Letters from the Irish Potato Famine
        Video: Armenian Genocide, 1915
Video: Nazi Concentration Camps
Video:  Genocide in Darfur, 2007             
Malnutrition (Ch 3)
Video: Malnutrition and Gender Equality in India   
        News Story: The Nutrition Puzzle  
        News Story: No, It's Not Just the U.S.: Childhood Obesithy Is an "Exploding Nightmare" in Developing Countries

Course Section 2: Hunger Ethics, Economics, Population
  May 21-25

Nutrition Case Study Report

    Nutrition Report due: May 22

Study Guide for Section 2

    Quiz 2: May 24

Measuring Undernutrition(Ch 4)
Impacts of Undernutrtion  (Ch 5,6)
Video: Underweight Children in India      
       Video: Treating Malnutrition in Zimbabwe
Constructing an Ethical Theory (Gary Varner)
Ethics and Hunger      
        Video: Right to food
        World Hunger a Moral Response   (Required Reading)
        Constructing Ethical Arguments (Required Reading)
(Ch 7)  
Population (Ch 8)
      Video: Population
      Viewpoint: The Population Control Holocaust  (Required Reading)
      Video: Population explosion in Nigeria
      Video: Population, Slums and the Environment
Income Distribution and Undernutrition (Ch 9)
      Video: World Air Traffic (Distribution of wealth)
Video: Child labor in Pakistan 
Video: Slavery and Human Trafficking  
      How Many Slaves Work for You?   

Factors Affecting Demand for Food (Ch 10)
Agricultural Land and Water (Ch 11)

Course Section 3:  Environment, Agriculture, Biotechnology  
   May 29-31

News Report

   News Report due: May 29

Study Guide for Section 3

    Quiz 3: May 31

Agricultural Production and the Environment (Ch 12)
Video: Global warming
       Video: Global warming cartoon
       Video: NASA simulation of CO2 in the Atmosphere
Video: Biofuels versus food
       Video: World Food Crisis
       News Story: EU Biofuels Significantly Harming Food Production in Developing Countries (2010)
       News Story: Meat Making Global Warming Worse
Ecological Footprints (Mathis Wackernagel)
How Big is your Ecological Footprint?
Environmental Ethics
        Video: Deep Ecology
       Video: Vegetarian Argument (PETA)
       Video: Animal Agriculture Environmental Stewardship

Environment vs Food (Food First)
Increasing Yields: The Green Revolution (Ch 13, 14)
         Movie: America the Bountiful pt 6: Whereby We Thrive (Green Revolution history) (link in Blackboard for online course)
       Video: Critiques of the Green Revolution
Video: New Green Revolution for India?
         Video: New Green Revolution for Africa?
         News Debate: Can Biotech Food Cure World Hunger?
       News Story: The Fight over the Future of Food
       Green Revolution: Impacts, Limits, and the Path Ahead
(Recommended Reading)
Food Biotechnology Ethics
       Benefits of Genetically Modified Crops for the Poor
(Required Reading) 
       Video: Greenpeace view of GMOs
       Video: Per Pinstrup-Andersen view of GMOs

Course Section 4: Agricultural Revolution, Ancient History

   June 4-7

Bihari Farmer (Green Revolution) Report

    Bihari Farmer (Green Revolution) Report due: June 5

Study Guide for Section 4

    Quiz 4: June 7

Guns Germs and Steel (Jared Diamond)
       Video: Guns Germs and Steel -- Writing
       Video: Guns Germs and Steel -- Germs

Worst Mistake  (Jared Diamond)
The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race (Required Reading)
       Video: Hunters and Gatherers in Africa
Video: The Agricultural Revolution: The Neolithic
       News Story: Hoodia and Kalahari Indigenous Bushmen
Agricultural Societies (Jared Diamond)
Video: Monty Python's King Arthur
       Video: Feudalism
       Video: Dark Ages  
       Video: How to Combat Modern Slavery  

World History: Indo-Europeans to the Middle Ages
Video: Ancient Mesopotamia
        Video: History of Empires
Video: The great wall of China

Course Section 5:  Modern History, Industrial Revolution
    June 11-14

Movie Report

    Movie Report due: June 12

Study Guide for Section 5

    Quiz 5: June 14

World History: Age of Discovery to Present
Video: Portuguese Empire
        Video: 1492 (Genocide of Native Americans)
Video: Disney's Pocahontas: Mine!
        Video: French Revolution
Video: Great Leap Forward in China
BBC Country Profile: Democratic Republic of Congo 2007
Women's Status in Agricultural Societies (Marvin Harris)
Video: Women in Afghanistan
        Video: Acid Attack on women in Bangladesh
Video: Child prostitution in India
        News Story: Domestic Violence and malnutrition in India
        News Story: For Afghan Girl, Going to School is Act of Bravery
Development of Religion in State Societies (Marvin Harris)
Invention of Invention (D. Landes)
Video: Interview with Galileo
        Video: Ancient Chinese Inventions
The Market as a Principle of Exchange (E. L Shusky)          
Video: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 1911
        Video: Its a Wonderful Life: Bank Run, 1929
        News Story: Industrialization in China

Course Section 6: Policies for Health, Globalization, Food Subsidies

     June 18-21

Historical Origins of Poverty and Hunger Report

    Historical Origins Report due: June 19

Study Guide for Section 6

    Quiz 6: June 21

Health-Related Causes of Undernutrition (Ch 15)
Policies Aimed at Health-Related Causes of Undernutrition
       Video: Healthy Child Uganda Program
       Video: Oral Rehydration Therapy in Cambodia
       News Story: Averting Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
Policy Approaches to Undernutrition (Ch 16)
Video: Malnutrition in Haiti
Fortified Peanut Butter in Haiti News Story 2010
         Video: Relief Organizations help Haitians fight hunger
Policies Aimed at Raising the Income of the Poor(Ch 17)
       Movie: Globalization is Good
                    Sections 2 & 4 - shown in class
                    Section xw - in course materials with lectures
       Video: China's Role in Africa
       Video: Is China Colonizing Africa? (Alternative Viewpoint)
Will the Free Market End Hunger? (Food First)
Free Trade (Food First)
        Video: Truth Behind the WTO (War on Want)
Does The U.S. Feed the World?
       USDA Agricultural Projections to 2021
(Information Resource, not required)
Policies Aimed at Demographic Causes of Undernutrition (Ch 18)
Video: Promoting Birth Control in India
       Video: Women Shackled
      Video: Gendercide in India part I
Policies that Subsidize Food Consumption  (Ch 19)
       Article on Aid: Reaching More for Less (Required)
       Movie: A question of Aid - Kerala and Bangladesh
               Sections 2 & 4 - shown in class
                    Section xw - in course materials with lectures


Course Section 7: Policies for Agriculture, Aid, Development


    June 25-28

Aid Organization Report

    Aid Organization report due: June 26

Study Guide for Section 7

    Quiz 7: June 28

The End of Poverty (Jeffrey Sachs)
Time Magazine Story 2005: The End of Poverty (Required Reading)
       Video: Awaiting Tomorrow -- People Living with AIDS in Africa
Can the World Feed 10 Billion People (Required Reading)
       Video: Haiti Food Crisis 2008
       Article: Corruption in the Bangladesh Education System (Opinion)
       NPR Radio 2013: Lives of two sisters in a Bangladesh T-shirt sweatshop
Policies Aimed at Improving Access to Food (Ch 20)C
Farm Subsidies (Ch 21)
Supply Subsidies (C
h 22)
       Food Security or Food Sovereignty: the Case of Land Grabs (Required Reading)
Food Sovereignty (Required Reading)
Video: Microfinance in the developing world
Future Scenarios (Ch 23)
          News Story: Africa Agriculture can learn from Brazil
What Can We Do About World Hunger? (Food First)
Relief and Development Organizations
Video: Millennium Villages in Uganda  
       Video: World Food Programme Logistics
Movie: Peace Corps
                     Sections 2 & 4, shown in class
                     Section xw - in course materials with lectures

       Movie: Heifer International
                        Sections 2 & 4, shown in class
                     Section xw - in course materials with lectures
       Video: Follow up on Heifer International video:  Beatrice all grown up.
Video: World Vision  (Chirstian)
       Video: Muslim Aid
       Video: World Food Program
Video: Hunger Project Microfinance a loan for someone in the developing world
  Book Recommendations

Student Powerpoint Presentation

    Due by July 5

          Powerpoint Assignment             


No Final Exam

Extra Credit:
You may turn in two lecture reports @ 5 pts each, plus the Extra Credit Paper @ 20 pts for a total of 30 extra credit points.   All extra credit is due by the end of the semester (Aug 3 absolute deadline)

Lectures:   Turn in a one page summary and reflection on the lecture (5 pts each - maximum of 2).
        Extra Credit Lecture:
The 2017 World Food Prize winner will speak at the annual Borlaug lecture at ISU MU Ballroom at 8 pm on Monday October 16. You can get extra credit for turning in a 1 page summary,
            analysis and discussion (5 pts)  

       Extra Credit Lecture online: Josette Sheeran "Ending Hunger Now" - Turn in one page summary, analysis and discussion on lecture (5 pts)

         Extra Credit lecture online: Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, 2015 World Food Prize winner: "Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh: Lessons for Africa and Asia," Turn in one page summary, analysis and discussion on lecture (5 pts)

Extra Credit Lecture online: Daniel Hillel, 2012 World Food Prize winner: "Soil, Water, Energy and Ecosystems in a Changing Climate," (Starts at about minute 12:00) Turn in one page summary, analysis and discussion on lecture (5 pts)

        Extra Credit Lecture online: Per Pinstrup-Andersen, 2001 World Food Prize Winner: "The Global Food System and Related Policy Challenges" (Turn in one page summary, analysis and discussion on lecture (5 pts)

        Extra Credit Lecture online: 2016 World Food Prize Winners panel discussion on Vitamin A Biofortified Orange Flesh Sweet Potato (Turn in one page summary, analysis and discussion on this panel lecture (5 pts)

Extra Credit Paper

Extra Credit Paper (20 Points)

Classroom Info

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Childreach (PLAN)
Children International
Feed the children make a Microfinance loan
One Laptop Per Child
Heiffer International
Self Help International: from Waverly IA
Medicine for Mali: from Des Moines IA

Movie Trailers

Blood Diamond
Hotel Rwanda
      War Witch
The Constant Gardner      
The Last King of Scotland\
       War Witch
       Beyond Borders
       Out of Africa
       Lord of War
       Tears of the Sun
       Blackhawk Down
       In a Better World
       Machine Gun Preacher
       The Ghost and The Darkness

      East Asia:      
       The Last Emperor
The Killing Fields
       Good Morning Vietnam
       Not One Less
       To Live
       The Joy Luck Club

    South Asia
Salaam Bombay
       The Kite Runner

       Slumdog Millionaire
       Seven Years in Tibet

    West Asia
       The Kingdom of Heaven


     King Arthur
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves   
       Robin Hood
       The Other Bolyn Girl
Amazing Grace
Oliver Twist
       Joan of Arc
Goya's Ghosts
       Les Miserables
       Les Miserables the Musical
Fiddler on the Roof
       Angela's Ashes
       Schlindler's List 
       The Pianist 
    North America:  
       Gone With the Wind
The Great Debaters   
       Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee
       Dances with Wolves
The Last of the Mohicans
  Battle in Seattle
       Human Trafficking

    Central and South America:
1492: The Conquest of Paradise
The Mission
The Motorcycle Diaries

       City of God

    Science Fiction
        District 9 
        The Time Machine

       An Inconvenient Truth
Fast Food Nation
       Fed Up
       Food Inc.
       Food Chains
       Food Evolution
       Living on a Dollar
Billions in Change
       The Price of Sugar
       Born into Brothels (India)

       The Devil Came on Horseback (Darfur)
       Darfur Diaries
The End of Poverty?
The Age of Stupid
       Workingman's Death
       Life and Debt
       Year Zero: Story of a Khmer Rouge Soldier
       Guns Germs and Steel (Parts 1-18)
       When China Met Africa
       The End of the Line
       One Day on Earth