Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities

Previous CEAH Interns

Mihyar Abdelgalil began and completed his internship with the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities during the Fall 2013 semester. Mihyar studied Journalism and Mass Communication and minored in Design Studies giving him a foundation in both written and creative visual works. During his time at CEAH, Mihyar learned basic HTML and CSS coding, which he found necessary to write and edit content on the CEAH website and later improve his portfolio and his online content production. Mihyar also created various advertisements for Iowa State events that were sponsored by CEAH. Connect with Mihyar here.

Samantha Gerken began her internship with CEAH in Fall of 2012 and completed it in the Spring of 2013. While attending Iowa State, she was extremely involved on campus. Samantha was an Advertising Representative at Ethos Magazine, an Account Executive at the Iowa State Daily, and Vice President of Public Relations for the Student Union Board. She was most passionate about Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) where she held positions as the Fundraising Director and President, consecutively. For further information, connect with Samantha here.

Adam Carver began his internship the Spring of 2012 and completed it that following Summer. He is an avid movie fan and an aspiring satirical writer. His love for movies is expressed through his position at writing reviews of films. Adam has continued on as an Iowa State University graduate with hopes to work in either Advertising, Public Relations, or writing. As of October 2012, he works as a customer claims representative at Nationwide Insurance. Eager to learn more? Connect with Adam here.

Laura Larson began her position as a CEAH intern in June 2011 and finished in December 2011. During her time at Iowa State, she also held the position as Public Relations Executive Co-Chair for VEISHEA. After graduating Iowa State University in May of 2012, she began working as a PR Account Coordinator with the Integer Group.

Elizabeth Caldwell was the September 2010 through May 2011 intern. Originally from Clinton, she graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor's degree in advertising in 2011. She joined the Clinton Herald team in 2011.

Leslie Graber-Bergman began her internship with CEAH in April 2010 and completed it in August 2010. She started at Principal Global Investors as a graphic designer and now holds a position as a global marketing specialist.

Anne Cuddy started with the Center in May 2009 and completed her internship in April 2010. After graduating with a degree in English from Iowa State in May, she began working at Hallmark in Kansas City. Anne has been with Hallmark for three years and has moved from an associate editor position to an editor. Connect with Anne here.

Ashley Nordmann interned during the 2008 to 2009 school year. As a composition production specialist for NCS Pearson she spends most of her time designing materials.

Krista Lathen-Robinson joined CEAH in Fall of 2007 and left in Spring 2008 upon graduation. She spent the following years working in Kansas City until recently moving back to the Ames area. She now works as a human resource analyst for the City of Ames.