Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities

Seminars and Workshops

The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH) sponsors faculty seminars and workshops on focused topics. The events offer Iowa State University arts and humanities faculty the opportunity to present their research in an interdisciplinary setting or to discuss topics related to the CEAH's focus on faculty research.

Funding Workshops

Research Funding Opportunities in the Arts and Humanities
Tuesday, February 2nd
Noon - 2 PM
Gold Room, Memorial Union

Please feel free to bring your lunch.
(Light refreshments and beverages will be available.)

The Grants Office: the CEAH now has a "Grants Office" that offers a broad range of personalized services to help faculty identify funding opportunities, prepare budgets for grant proposals, submit grants, and assist with post-award services.
Sharon Quisenberry (VPRED) will open the meeting. Sandra Norvell (CEAH staff) will provide a brief presentation on the range of services and how faculty can access these services and other resources at the Grants Office. Larry Quisenberry (Provost Office) will demonstrate how to look for and identify appropriate funding agencies.
Robin Habeger (ISU Foundation Director of Development) will discuss how to work with the Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) officers to seek gifts from foundations.

Externally Funded Research: James Andrews (History), Aili Mu (WLC), Carol Chapelle (English), and Julia Badenhope (Landscape Architecture) will talk about their experiences with externally funded research. They will provide insights on the culture of the various funding agencies that they have worked with and some useful tips on how to submit a competitive grant proposal.

Chitra Rajan (VPRED) will answer questions on CEAH's new directions.

Opportunities for Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Humanities
Tuesday, February 16th
Noon - 2 PM
130 College of Design

Please feel free to bring your lunch.
Light refreshments and beverages will be available.

Internal Funding Opportunities for Research: CEAH offers 3 new funding opportunities; one of which is for collaborative, interdisciplinary research. Chitra Rajan and members of the committee that developed the guidelines for these funding opportunities will discuss the intent and expectations of these programs and details on how to submit proposals to the CEAH for research funds.

Jean Goodwin (English) and Linda Shenk (English) will present an outline of CEAH funding programs.

Dean Michael Whiteford (LAS) will open the meeting. Associate Dean Doug Johnston (Design) will present the College of Design's vision for interdisciplinary research.

Interdisciplinary Research: Chris Hopkins (Music) and Debra Satterfield (Art and Design) will talk about their interdisciplinary research programs -- why did they choose to collaborate, what were the benefits, how did they get funding for their work, etc..

Associate Deans from LAS and the College of Design will answer questions from the audience.

The Successful Grant Proposal: A Reviewer's Perspective
Tuesday, March 2, 2010
3 PM- 4:30 PM
3150 Beardshear Hall

A grant proposal should be tailored to its audience and who better to speak on this topic than those faculty who have served as grant reviewers. Join CEAH and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development as they bring together arts and humanities faculty to discuss their experiences on grant review committees.

James Andrews (History) will provide an overview on how grant proposals are reviewed. Dr. Andrews will talk about the specific issues that reviewers are instructed to look for in a grant proposal. His presentation will provide practical tips and advice on how to write a successful grant proposal.

This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion: Doug Johnston (Landscape Architecture and CRP), John Monroe (History), and Aili Mu (World Languages and Cultures) will talk about their personal research experiences with funding agencies and provide suggestions for what one should or should not do while writing a grant proposal.

There will be plenty of time allowed for questions at the end.

This workshop will be useful for anyone interested in writing a grant proposal or just looking for some good advice on writing to a targeted audience.

Morrison's Grant Writing Workshops
March 8, 2010 (contact Laurie Engleen in the Office of the Vice President of Research and Economic Development at 4-6344 if you are interested in attending)

Workshop #1: Seminar on Write Winning Grants: This seminar comprehensively addresses both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the proposal-writing process. Emphasis is given to such things as idea development, identification of the most appropriate granting agency, how to write for reviewers, and tips and strategies that are of proven value in presenting an applicant's case to reviewers. Participants are taught to organize their presentations into a linear progression of logic, which leads reviewers through their applications.

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