Beardshear Hall

The Capitol Building of Iowa State University. It is there to aid students when they're in a need of an answer. You become an official Iowa State student once you make one of your first visits to campus and come here to get your ISU card. The many stairs in the front make the building feel classy and intelligent. All the money handling goes on here. Like many capitols in America this building has a rotunda making it a building of stature.

Curtiss Hall

Another main building on the Iowa State Campus. This building holds one of the main colleges, the College of Agriculture. It holds many classrooms and is the main central point right across from Beardshear. There is a long pathway between Beardshear and Curtiss connecting the two buildings. Agriculture is a very important part of Iowa State and many important advancements in agricultural technology have been perfected by graduates and professors in this field. This includes advancements in corn breeding and the development of profitable uses for soybeans, peanuts, cotton, and sweet potatoes.


The focal point of campus; this is a symbol of Iowa State. The bells in this building ring everyday in 15 minute intervals. Many Iowa State traditions take place here, wether that be the frequent concerts on central campus, or the mass "campaniling" that takes place during homecoming. Not only is this a visual symbol of Iowa State, but the ring is also a very important part of campus. Everyday at 11:50 AM, the bells play a 20 minute piece, and occasionally a requested piece of music is played.

Memorial Union

The central building, this is the main point for Iowa State students to gather. There is a food court, a bookstore and a post office. . It also holds a veterans memorial, a hotel and the grand hall. This is also a place for many traditions such as jumping in the fountain, and myth of the cursed zodiac. This is also one of the first buildings that prospective students encounter.


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