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Graduate College

David K. Holger, Dean
George A. Jackson, Assistant Dean
Carolyn Payne, Assistant Dean

Graduate Courses Taken by Undergraduates

Certain graduate level courses listed in the ISU Catalog may be used in the program of study even though they were taken for graduate credit by the student as an undergraduate at Iowa State University.

The following conditions must be met:

1. The POS committee can request approval from the Dean of the Graduate College that up to nine hours of such credit be applied toward meeting advanced degree requirements (these courses must be clearly marked on the POS).

2. Credits earned in these courses must be in addition to those used to meet requirements for the bachelor’s degree and must have grades of B or better.

3. The student must be classified as an undergraduate and not a nondegree undergraduate (credits taken as a nondegree undergraduate student are not allowed).

4. The Graduation Office (10A Enrollment Services Center) should be contacted to determine that the courses were not taken as Graduation Office (10A Enrollment Services Center) indicating that the courses were not taken as a nondegree undergraduate student, were not used toward fulfillment of the undergraduate degree program and were graded B or better.

Courses Taken as a Nondegree Undergraduate Student

A person classified as a “nondegree undergraduate” student may not use courses taken under that status in a graduate degree program. A student who has received the baccalaureate degree must register as a graduate student if he/she is to receive graduate credit for courses.

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