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Student Appeal

Students may appeal a decision regarding their academic status if they believe that new information can be provided or extenuating circumstances exist that would alter the application of any rule in this section. The appeal should be made in writing to the Academic Standards Committee of the college in which the student is enrolled. The written appeal must include the reasons for the appeal and the evidence to substantiate these reasons.

The student should initiate the appeal process by contacting the secretary of the college Academic Standards Committee in the administrative office of her or his college immediately upon receipt of notification of the committee’s action, and at least ten calendar days before the beginning of the semester. The secretary will then inform the student of the deadline for submission of the written appeal.

If the student is dissatisfied with the committee’s action, he or she may submit an appeal in writing to the dean of her or his college within seven calendar days after they are notified of the committee’s action. The dean must respond in writing within seven calendar days of receipt of the appeal.

If the issue is not resolved within the college, further appeals may be made in writing to the provost and subsequently to the president of the university. Appeals beyond the college level will, however, be considered only if based on one or both of the following contentions: (a) appropriate procedures were not followed at the college level; (b) academic rules were not applied correctly at the college level.