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Student Activities Center

Director of Student Activities
George Micalone

Coordinator for Leadership and Service
Jennifer Garrett

Coordinator for Art Programs
Letitia Kenemer

Coordinator for Entertainment Programs
Steven Satterlee

Underground Recreation Center Manager
Doug Swanson

The Student Activities Center (SAC) in the Memorial Union is committed to helping students learn inside and outside the classroom by offering countless ways to get involved at Iowa State through leadership, service, arts, entertainment and recreation activities.

The Student Activities Center includes: the Workspace (arts studio), the Maintenance Shop (entertainment venue), the Underground (recreation center/ bowling alley), leadership and service programs, art galleries in the MU, and management of the recognition of over 700 campus and student organizations. For a complete list of recognized organizations visit

The staff provides assistance to student and campus organization leaders, members and advisers on an individual or group basis. This office produces Newsline, an online newsletter distributed twice a month to officers and advisers of recognized student and campus organizations. Available on the SAC website are resources for student and campus organizations including the event authorization process, publicity and promotion ideas, constitution writing guidelines, and officer transition information. The Student Activities Center offers a 1-credit course called Leadership ISU where students learn leadership skills through a series of activities and seminars.

Annual SAC events include: ClubFest I & II (organization involvement fair), WelcomeFest (Ames and ISU opportunity fair), Coach Talks (hear from Men’s and Women’s head basketball coaches), Iowa State Leadership Experience (one-day leadership conference), Social Justice Summit, and Winterfest (celebration of all things winter). Student Activities Center staff advise key student organizations including: Student Union Board, Dance Marathon, Freshmen Council, Student Volunteer Services, The 10,000 Hours Show, and VEISHEA.

More information is available at the Student Activities Center, located in the East Student Office Space in the Memorial Union (across from the Food Court); online at; or by calling (515) 294-8081.

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