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Using AccessPlus Registration

Students enter the system via AccessPlus by using university ID and password. If required by their college, they also need to enter a registration access number (RAN).

The registration system provides messages after each entry indicating whether each request has been processed. Students also may review their current schedules at any time during registration. Students are held accountable for all changes made to their schedules.

All students are encouraged to register for courses through the AccessPlus registration system. However, students who are unable to use the system may register in person by processing their signed Registration Worksheet in the Registrar’s Student Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center.

Registration System Abuse

Using the AccessPlus registration system is a privilege, which may be revoked if abuse is detected. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, creating and using an automated program to search for course openings and/or enrolling in a section with the intent of reserving space in that particular section for another student. The Office of the Registrar, college office, and/or advisers have the right to determine abuse and revoke privileges for any type of registration system abuse.

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