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Student Services

International Students and Scholars

Director: James Dorsett

Coordinator of Administration: Deborah Vance
Program Coordinators: Virginia McCallum, Dilok Phanchantraurai, Ali Soltanshahi, Becky Zama
Program Assistant: Arlis Penner

Systems Analyst: David Morgan
Administrative Specialist: Lana Seiler

International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) is committed to providing courteous, accurate, timely service and informative programs for international students, visiting scholars, faculty, staff, and citizens of Iowa interested in international education and exchange. ISSO staff members orient and advise international students and scholars on university procedures, community resources, U.S. visa issues, and nonacademic personal concerns. ISSO intercultural programs, such as the Culture Corps, Friendships International, Conversational English Program and activities developed with the International Student Council and dozens of international student organizations, bring international students and Americans together for mutual learning. We welcome volunteers to join these and other programs.

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Student Services