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Sources of Help with Academic Problems

If students are having trouble in a course, the following persons and places may be able to provide help:

1. The instructor of the course should be the primary sources of assistance to enhance the student’s academic achievement in the course. Students are encouraged to visit the instructor during stated office hours and seek individual assistance from the instructor if that is not possible.

2. Another valuable source of support is the student’s academic adviser, who often can help clarify academic issues and can recommend support services or remedial strategies.

3. The Academic Success Center in the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center has a collection of services such as tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), the academic success course, learning lab, disability resources, and workshops designed to help students reach their academic goals.

4. The office of the department that offers the course may have a list of persons qualified to provide tutoring services for the course. They also may have help rooms or other support programs. The locations of the department offices are listed in the front of the ISU Directory.

5. The Student Counseling Service provides professional counseling services for students with problems which affect academic performance.