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Academic Regulations

Field Trips

Trips away from campus are sometimes arranged as a means of enriching the students’ learning experience in a given course. Such trips may not take place during the first or last week of the semester, nor may they extend over more than two consecutive class days (Monday through Friday); these regulations may be waived only by special permission of the dean of the college in which the course is offered. Faculty should check with their college office to find out who is authorized to grant approvals or exceptions on behalf of the dean.

In order to go on a field trip required in one of their courses, students must first obtain permission from the instructors whose classes they will miss. If permission to miss class is not granted, students cannot be required to go on the field trip nor can they be penalized for missing the trip.

Special fees are often charged to cover the costs of field trips. Field trip fees are noted in the Schedule of Classes.

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