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Course Information

Prerequisite. A prerequisite indicates the specific academic background or general academic maturity considered necessary by the faculty for the student to be ready for maximum success in the course. See Index, Course Prerequisites.

Permission Required courses/sections. To register for these sections, students must obtain authorization on a Schedule Change/Restriction Waiver form and process the approved form in the Registrar’s Student Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center.

Restricted courses/sections. Some courses or sections are restricted to students who meet specified criteria including curriculum/major, college, and/or year in school. In addition, some sections may be restricted to new students to ensure that sufficient spaces are available when new students register during summer orientation. A department may waive a restriction for a student who has extenuating circumstances. The student must obtain the authorization from the department on a Schedule Change/Restriction Waiver form. The form is processed in the Registrar’s Student Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center.

Classrooms are listed for each course in the Online Schedule of Classes at and on the student’s class schedule on AccessPlus.

Cancelled courses/sections. In some cases, courses or sections may be cancelled due to low enrollment or departmental staffing considerations. Students who are registered for a cancelled course or section will be notified by the Office of the Registrar, the department, and/or on their AccessPlus schedule.

Textbook information. A link to textbook information, including the ISBN and retail price for assigned textbooks, is available from the Schedule of Classes. Textbook information for Iowa State University courses is posted as close to the start of registration as possible. Students may purchase textbooks from any source they choose.

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