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Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

To receive a degree, a student must meet the requirements of the curriculum in which the degree is to be awarded. Verification that the student has met those requirements is made by the dean of the college, who also has the authority to waive a requirement under exceptional circumstances.

A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 in all work taken at Iowa State University is required for graduation.

A student admitted as a transfer from another college or university is normally required to have a 2.00 cumulative average at the time of entrance. A student may, however, be admitted with a quality-point deficiency, but will be required to earn sufficient quality-points above a 2.00 at Iowa State to offset the quality-point deficiency at the time of entrance.

No more than 65 semester or 97 quarter credits earned at two-year colleges can be applied to a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University. There is no limit to the number of credits that may be transferred from a four-year institution.

A student who takes work at another college or university after having been enrolled at Iowa State must submit transcripts of all work attempted to the Office of Admissions at Iowa State. This work must average a 2.00 or the deficiency of quality points will be assessed against the student. Failure to submit such transcripts will be grounds for dismissal.

In unusual circumstances, the Academic Standards Committees of the respective colleges may review and give further consideration to the records of students who, except for grade-point average, have satisfactorily completed all graduation requirements. If the appropriate college Academic Standards

Committee considers that the educational and professional needs of such a student have been satisfactorily met, or can be satisfactorily met by imposing further conditions, the committee may recommend to the dean of the college that the student be graduated or that a supplemental program be accepted in place of the fully unqualified grade point average. The college Academic Standards

Committee chairperson reports such exceptional actions to the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Standards and Admissions.

To qualify for a bachelor’s degree, a student must take a minimum of 32 credits in residence at Iowa State University. Also required is that the last 32 credits must be taken in residence, although under special circumstances, with prior written approval of the student’s major department, six of the last 32 credits may be transferred and applied toward a degree at Iowa State University.

A student may receive two bachelor’s degrees if he or she meets the requirements of each curriculum and earns at least 30 credits beyond the requirements of the curriculum requiring the greater number of credits. Each degree program must be approved by the appropriate department chair or head.

A student fulfilling the requirements of two separate curricula in different colleges may, in certain cases, receive a degree from one of the colleges with double majors crossing college lines. The permission of both deans must be obtained and each degree program must be approved by the appropriate department and dean.