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Additional Academic Standards Regulations

Changing colleges: A student on academic probation (P) may transfer to another college within the university only with the permission of the department chair of the new department and the dean of the new college. For students on academic probation (P), transfer during period 3 (i.e., after the last day to drop a course) may be approved by the department chair of the new department and the dean of the new college only under exceptional circumstances.

A student who has transferred from a college while on academic probation (P) cannot transfer back unless permission is granted by the academic standards committee of the original college.

A student who is in dismissal status at the end of spring and chooses to exercise the Summer Option may not change colleges during the summer.

Withdrawal: A student on academic probation (P) who withdraws during period 3 will be academically dismissed at the end of term the student withdraws, except under extenuating circumstances as judged by the college academic standards committee.

Reinstated students: Reinstated students should also see the section on Reinstatement.

Veterinary Medicine: Additional rules for minimum satisfactory progress are in effect.

Special students: Students matriculated in this classification category are governed by the regular academic progress regulations. Furthermore, by special action of their college academic standards committee, additional standards may be required.